The date of a document can be very important to serve as a burden of proof. However, an ordinary digital document can be easily modified, including the date. It is then not particularly useful as evidence.

Relefant is a simple but smart content management system that gives every file an unchanging date. By means of a digital fingerprint of the document and by registering it in a block chain, a unique proof of existence is produced.

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Concepts & ideas

Relefant is meant for managing concepts and ideas, where there is a need to prove their existence at some point.

It does not matter whether it is for example a Word document, a video or an image. Every type of file can be recorded.

With the Relefant CMS you can easily manage and organize documents.


You can now record the evidence through blockchain technology. You do not need any technical knowledge for this. This is what the Relefant CMS arranges for you.

Avoid the discussion about ownership, or about who the inventor is.

Relefant makes it very easy to provide conclusive evidence who came first with a certain design, concept or when certain agreements were made.

Freelancers & medium sized companies

Relefant enables you to register documents without the intervention of other parties.

There is no need to reveal documents in advance. You decide whether and when you want to do that.

Relefant offers an affordable solution for this theme. This makes this unique CMS particularly suitable for freelancers and for small to medium-sized companies.

How does it work?


Choose document

You upload a document and add some extra information, such as a title and name of the owner.



Relefant then calculates a digital fingerprint based on the file.


Optional Cloud Storage

You can choose to save the file yourself in the cloud or to keep it offline.


After a few minutes the document is registered in the Ethereum blockchain.


The registration can be seen in Relefant CMS and via the blockchain transaction itself.

Digital fingerprint

Not the document itself but the digital fingerprint is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain by means of a Smart Contract.

For the digital fingerprint the SHA-256 algorithm is used, a well-known cryptography method.

As soon as one letter or space in the document is adjusted, the digital fingerprint also changes. The registration of the digital fingerprint is sufficient. A validated blockchain transaction is an established fact and can no longer be changed by anyone.


The registration of the document can be found in the CMS, but you can also validate it externally.

You can also find the transaction on the Etherscan website.

The transaction includes your name or the name of your company, the date and time of registration and the digital fingerprint.

This fingerprint is unique and is proof of the existence of the document at a certain date and time without actually having to reveal the document.


You are completely independent of the continuity of Relefant.

The digital finger presses always remain valid. The blockchain ensures that the digital fingerprint remains unchanged. A transaction can be viewed separately from the CMS.

The digital fingerprint (SHA-256) can be determined independently of Relefant. On Online Converter or via the site of Digital Volcano can be calculated. An identical document will always produce the same digital fingerprint. You can compare this with the fingerprint recorded in the transaction.

Independent registration

  • Registration is now very easy without the intervention of third parties
  • Registration of date, owner and fingerprint in the blockchain
  • Privacy is guaranteed because only metadata is recorded in the blockchain.
  • The CMS is suitable for any type of file (Office, Images, Video)

Flexible document management

  • Organize documents in collections and projects
  • Create as many projects or collections as you like
  • There is support for multiple users and multiple teams
  • Searching for files with Relefant is very simple

Easy & affordable

  • An affordable alternative. The registration fees are considerably lower!
  • No crypto currency (ether) needed but just pay in Euros
  • Very accessible; No blockchain or smart contracts knowledge is required
  • The first 5 registrations are now completely free!